What students are saying:
"I have never been interested in theatre before this class, and would now consider studying it."

"He took an interest in me and tried to make sure I got the most out of the class--didn't stop when class was over."

"Best English Professor at Rutgers, best class I ever had. I wanted to take this class to fulfill two requirements, but actually ended up learning a lot."
"It has profoundly changed my thought process. I am forever grateful for having taken this course."

"He had a way of relating the information to us in a way that made the heavy topic more feasible and easy to digest."

"I really like how down to earth Professor Kernan is and how simple to understand he made many topics. Also, I think a lot of white people (including myself) were antsy about talking about race so openly, and he really helped bring down that wall."

"It was downright the most challenging, exciting and illuminating course I've taken in my three years at Rutgers. The rigor and expansive breadth of the authors and theories covered was never stressful though, as Professor Kernan was simply amazing and tirelessly patent and invested in
all his students understanding basic to complex concepts."

"He is so smart that I learned more things in this class over all my other classes."

"Professor Kernan engages students with a passion rarely seen in instructors. His encyclopedic knowledge coupled with engaging pedagogical techniques easily makes him one of the best professors I've ever had. It's refreshing for someone to wholeheartedly care about learning."

"He works harder to explain this material--especially the complex theoretical material--than any other professor I've had."

"One of the best."